Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hard Truth #2: Clients Don't Always Know What Their REAL Need Is

You get a job req for a SharePoint Administrator, though what you need is a SharePoint Business Analyst or Site Collection Administrator, or you get a req for a SharePoint Admin when what the role actually calls for is a SharePoint Developer. You can also get a request for a SharePoint Developer when what you need is a well-versed Site Collection Administrator.

Please do yourself a favor and make sure that the job title you're given matches the description below it, and that the needs of the hiring manager / client company match their true needs.

I have seen stark differences in style on how to get the best person for the job. Some companies go for the most EXPENSIVE skillset, while others go for the most EXPANSIVE skillset, and others give job titles that are a total keyword mismatches, or just too generic.

There is nothing wrong with combining job titles. Use the "/" to your advantage. Let's say that you're looking for the total SharePoint guru. Simply state that you need a SharePoint Administrator / Developer, SharePoint Engineer, or SharePoint Architect if what you need is someone who can do both administration and development.

Most importantly, make sure you communicate with the people who submit the openings to you. Make sure they've given you the information you truly need to submit the right candidate. Everything I've stated here may seem like common sense, but I wouldn't be writing about it if I hadn't experienced someone who, somewhere along the chain, has messed this one up.


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