Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Freelance Recruiting

Attention Recruiters:

There is another way to find top SharePoint talent: freelance exchange websites.

One that I have recently come across is http://www.freelancermap.com

Profile of JaredGollnitz on www.freelancermap.com Check out my Freelancermap profile.

This site had a number of remote work possibilities that I found interesting, so I definitely inquired.

Another is http://www.elance.com Easy to use time sheets, proposals, and project workspaces. If you can imagine it, it's here.

The third is http://www.oDesk.com References (like certifications) are checked and verified.

The forte of these sites is finding specialists for short-term assignments or projects, though you can recruit for full time work, and you can recruit world-wide for affordable talent. Two unique features about using this forum for recruiting is that these sites is that you can see (to varying degrees) the actual availability of candidates you are looking to hire, as well as feedback from previous projects on which the candidate has worked. The workers are competing for your business, so you will also be able to keep your costs fairly low. True market price will prevail in this environment, however, be ready to pay more if you want someone whose primary language is English :-)


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